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How to repair broken crushing hammer piston

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Take off the shell, just unscrew the above four splint screws, if the screw above the sand mud, first coated with waste oil, you can easily point, really can not consider the wind gun, for the wind gun is not a thing.

Generally, the piston is taken out to the end of the nitrogen chamber, and there is a piston ring seal behind it. It can be taken out with a hammer. The front end of the piston has fallen out.

After taking out the piston, you can see the sealing ring of the cylinder block. The ordinary gun hammer is generally composed of two sealing rings and a cup buffer. The outer one is a dustproof sealing ring, and the inner one is anti-seepage oil, and the cup is inside. When replacing the seal ring, you must polish a good tool, it is best to use steel wire or hard long tool grinding, I am using a small elongated hexagonal grinding, must put the head into a cone, so that it is easier to put the seal ring out.

The cylinder had better be cleaned with gasoline and blown with air to take out the y-ring at the front end. The Y-ring inside is inward and the dust-proof ring is outward. The rear end is a gas ring, two oil rings, the oil ring with o-ring, when replaced with a cylindrical object to press the seal, to prevent uneven, piston loading damage.

The piston is first coated with a layer of lubricating oil, and then slowly set into, gently put attention not to hurt the hand, the piston set in place, and then install the rear end of the chage calve, the ring is best to use butter to stick the O-ring, to prevent dislocation. Install the long bolts into the middle cylinder block, and then install the nitrogen chamber. After the screw cap is set, it can not be hit by the wind gun, but should be tightened manually. The wind gun may cause deformation and leakage in the nitrogen chamber once tightened. After tightening the screw cap diagonally, tighten it with a kilogram wrench to achieve the same pressure of each screw. Put in the splints, and the repair is done!

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How to repair broken crushing hammer piston-Products information-TANTAI HAIWEIER Machinery FITTINGS co.,ltd.
XHow to repair broken crushing hammer piston-Products information-TANTAI HAIWEIER Machinery FITTINGS co.,ltd.